Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Funeral Speech I gave for my Dad

''And so it’s with these short sentences I’ll bid you an exciting farewell. For today is an extraordinary time for your new journey. A delicate moment for all of us, but a very rewarding
moment for you, today is your spiritual graduation and we’re here to stand at your success.

** Rather than sitting, can we all please stand for a moment of silence **

My dad had a very healthy and happy childhood growing up with my beautiful grandmother and my strict, but wise Papa Bill. I’m reminded about the values my dad learned through his family; honesty, trust, unconditional love, and complete responsibility. I want to share some special moments with you about his life.

My dad started working when he was just 12. I’ve heard stories of how my dad was the community paper boy and how he worked at Uncle Leonard’s grocery store.

After high school, he attended the University of Alabama. I can tell you this much without getting him in trouble, Dad took the phrase ‘’live life to it’s fullest’’ to a new level.

Dad was licensed to do MRI. He had a passion for science and medicine. He was happiest helping others get well; he did scans, xrays and ultrasounds. He helped people live better.

Later in life, my brother and father became licensed scuba divers. As a matter of fact, dad was in Phoenix when he noticed a young boy drowning in a river and he saved the boy’s life. My dad is literally a hero.

Most importantly, my father made sure we were taken cared of. For example, I remember when dad, helped me move into my dorm room in Austin. I felt alone moving but just having him with me was comfort. He moved all of my furniture into the room, and didn’t leave until everything electronic was working. I’m not even sure how to work our VCR, I guess I get that quality from my mother-thanks mom.

21 years ago I met my father, but let me tell you I’m 24. If you do the math, you’ll notice a 3 year gap. You see, my name wasn’t always Kenneth Dale Price. Infact my last name hasn’t always been Price. I told you my dad is my hero and it’s because he adopted me. He gave me a special kind of opportunity in life. Isn’t he an extraordinary person?

On this day, my dad celebrates his spiritual freedom. On this day, now, we all have a part of him with us no matter the time or distance. Now I have a dad who can be with me and you at the same time. I have peace knowing my dad is with you, and you aren’t alone. You can call on him anytime of the night and he’ll be by your side. He loves to travel, take him with you throughout your life’s adventure.

Let me leave you with this quote to empower you, let it strengthen you. Raymond Moody once said, ‘’I have absolutely no fear of death. From my near death experience, death is, in my judgment, simply a transition into another kind of reality’’.

Well dad, let me be the first to welcome you to your new reality. Stay with us forever, and help everyone as you helped my family. How lucky we are today, he is with all of us anytime we need it.

Dad, Christopher and I will make you very proud. We won't let you down. I love you. "


Blogger Ang said...

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12:50 PM  
Blogger Ang said...

I am so glad i got to read your speech, it made me feel like I was actually there, which is a lot closer than I felt before.
Your speech was amazing and your words always ahhh me.
I love you bunches!
I am sending you hugs and kisses from california.

12:53 PM  
Blogger utpsyguy said...

awwwee thanks!

1:49 PM  
Blogger embiz.jp said...

great write ups.how i wish he is alive to see this.thanks for sharing.lol

1:35 AM  

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